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Welcome to the Elect Janice Morris Website. On behalf of Janice Morris and the Committee to Elect Janice Morris 2020, we would like to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to visit this page. Janice's mission is to serve all citizens of Rockdale County, by being the best public servant she can be. She is compassionate and dedicated to serving the citizens of Rockdale County and with your support, we humbly ask that you elect Janice Morris as your next, Rockdale County Clerk of Superior and State Courts on June 9, 2020.  


Since 2000, Janice has shown her dedication, dependability and commitment to be an accessible, approachable and accountable leader in Rockdale County. As Clerk of Courts, Janice will ensure all polices and procedures are properly regulated according to the State laws and statues. She will provide stellar internal and external customer service and ensure the day to day operations of the courts is efficient and effective. 

In 2012, Janice was appointed by the Honorable, Judge David Irwin as a Juror Commissioner in Rockdale County, in which she proudly still holds this role as of today.  Janice pledges to act on behalf of the citizens of Rockdale with her goal of achieving "The People's Agenda". The "People's Agenda", is simply Janice's ability to be approachable, accountable and accessible by meeting the people where they are with an open-door policy as a true servant leader. With a humble heart, great spirit and positive attitude, Janice will make a powerful and influential impact in the Rockdale County Judicial Court System. With a primary focus of being a public servant in the Clerk of Courts Office, this will be Janice's continued driving force for running and taking victory as your next Clerk of Courts. 

About Janice Morris

Janice Morris has been a proud Rockdale County resident and homeowner for over 20 years. She is married to her amazing husband and best friend, Mr. Tolbert Morris of 22 years whose a retired Navy veteran, retired Rockdale County Deputy Sheriff and former School Board Member.  Currently, Janice serves as the Chief Operational Officer (COO), of a successful 501(c3) nonprofit organization, Helping Hands Outreach Clinic, in which she co-owns with her husband. Janice is also the proud mother of four sons and one of which is a prodigy of the Rockdale County School System. Janice attended the University of New Orleans and UGA's Terry Collins Foundation for No n-Profits. She is a true public servant and leader of her community whose committed to serving the people of Rockdale County. We look forward to you learning more about Janice Morris as you take this journey along side her in support of voting her as your next, Rockdale County Clerk of Superior and State Courts.  

  • Protecting Voters Choices

  • Balancing budget

  • Assurance of policy and procedures are properly regulated by the Clerk of Courts

  • Committed to having the best stellar customer service and updated software

  • Encouraging citizens to be more involved in local government 

  • Restoring the trust of independent voters

  • Chief Operational Officer of   "Helping Hands Community Outreach," a free health, education and technology based non-profit organization and clinic, (2000 - present)

  • Experience in managing over 134 Health Care volunteers and staff

  • Proficient in Public Relations 

  • Fiscally responsible for budgeting and overseeing nonprofit grants

  • Executive leader in overseeing the day to day operations of several nonprofit organizations and agencies. 

The People's Agenda
  • Honored by Congressman Hank Johnson for continued community service and leadership in Rockdale County (2020)

  • Rockdale Commissioner Non-Profit Award (2019) 

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. (2015) (Rockdale & Newton Chapter)

  • NCNW, Rockdale & Newton Trail Blazer Award (2015)

  • Chairman of Rockdale County Census (2019)

  • Rockdale County Career Academy Health Care Science advisory board member since 2005 - Present

  • Appointed Rockdale County Juror Commissioner (2012 - Present)

  • Former Health Care Chairman of Rockdale County Domestic Violence Task Force

  • Worked on the United Rockdale Summit (2005-2007)

  • Served on Keep Conyers-Rockdale Clean Board

Committees Served

 Early Voting Starts 

May 18th- June 5th  (2020)

"Your Vote Matters" 


Janice Morris 

If you're interested in volunteering and helping the committee to Elect Janice Morris, please contact us at 404-889-6660.

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